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  • The Drawbacks of Online Dating

    January 5, 2023 by  
    Posted in Featured, Online Dating

    It is difficult to meet the right person in this day and age, and is not made easier by the pressures placed on us not only by friends and family, but also by most television shows and print media, a fair percentage of songs, books and films, and almost every advertisement you see. It is… Read More »

    The Disadvantages of Blind Dating – The Other Side

    January 1, 2023 by  
    Posted in Speed and Blind Dating

    Meeting the perfect person for you is something that relies on many things. Giving the best account of your personality is a part of it, as is a sense of optimism and purpose. And as much as anything else, pure luck can make a big difference. Of course, we all have a large amount of… Read More »

    Dating Pitfalls #3 – Appearing to be Something You Aren’t

    December 16, 2022 by  
    Posted in Dating Tips

    There is a natural tendency for people entering a new relationship to try and make themselves appear to be something more than they believe themselves to be. The thought process behind this is fairly rational, up to a point. The attitude that many people have goes something like the following: “He/she cannot possibly be interested… Read More »

    Exit Strategies for the Date from Hell

    December 13, 2022 by  
    Posted in Dating Tips

    As much hope as we sometimes invest in a date, there is rarely any guarantee that it will go as we had hoped. The very reason that you go on a date is to find out if you like the other person enough to spend more time with them – and if they feel the… Read More »

    Ask the Right Questions First

    November 29, 2022 by  
    Posted in Dating Tips

    OK. You have joined a couple of dating services and written a killer profile. You’ve uploaded a good picture and now you are going to chat with a contact. What now? How do you start separating those who have real potential and those who don’t have any potential at all? You need to find out… Read More »

    Don’t Give Up Hope – Keep Trying

    November 9, 2022 by  
    Posted in Dating Tips

    Whatever method of dating you attempt, there is always the chance that the early days will be marked more by failure than by success. It is hard not to be disheartened by this, and there is little that anyone can say to make it feel less painful. As much as these pieces of advice sound… Read More »

    Speed dating

    November 6, 2022 by  
    Posted in Speed and Blind Dating

    There is such a high level of importance placed on finding the “right” partner these days that a wave of different dating services have opened up to allow people to try and find someone. Among these services are several that enable the individual to “vet” possible suitors before they actually go on a date, the… Read More »

    The Advantages of Blind Dating

    September 15, 2022 by  
    Posted in Speed and Blind Dating

    Although many people consider blind dating to be outdated in a world where the technological revolution has made close scrutiny of other people a matter of a few clicks of a mouse, it is still a fairly common way of embarking on a dating relationship. While not everyone will be enamored with the idea of… Read More »

    The Age-Old Question Of When To Call

    September 10, 2022 by  
    Posted in Dating Tips

    Sometimes a first date goes so well that you know there and then that you want to have a second date. The date is duly arranged for a week or so in the future, and one of you – we’ll say for the sake of this example that it is you – promises to call… Read More »

    Blind Dating – is true love blind?

    September 5, 2022 by  
    Posted in Speed and Blind Dating

    The practice of blind dating is something which has been popular in many societies for many years now. TV shows have been based on the concept. It forms a staple part of the entertainment industry, with many sitcoms featuring a blind date, usually an extremely bad one, on average once every couple of series. It… Read More »

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